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Business Administration


This program should be completed after a student earn a certificate in Retail Management. All major class requirements are a part of that certificate. To earn this degree, a student will complete additional General Education classes and possible electives to earn a minimum total of 60 units.  The program was developed in accordance with the Western Association of Food Chains' Retail Management Certificate Program, a program that has been fully endorsed by the Western Association of Food Chains and its member companies. The certificate's curriculum was developed out of a collaborative effort between several industry and college professionals and encompasses several business essentials, including the "soft skills" of management and communication required for career success in the retail industry.  Although the program was developed by the food retail industry, its completion will help students to acquire necessary knowledge and skills to manage retail stores of any kind.   

Explore more information about the WAFC certificate at


Business 1A (Financial Accounting) 4  
Business 28 (Human Relations in the Workplace)   3
SOPHOMORE YEAR                                                                             
Business 21 (Human Resource Management) 3  
Business 36 (Introduction to Marketing) 3  
Business 22 (Introduction to Management)   3
Business 32 (Retail Store Management)*   3

Computer Application Systems 50 (Introduction to Computer 

    Application Systems) or Computer Science 8 (Computer Literacy)

TOTAL   21

General Education Requirements for AS Degree:

For specific A.S. General Education courses refer to catalog section on A.S. Graduation Requirements.

         General Education Courses (Areas A-E)

         Business GE Requirement: Business 14 (Business





Total minimum units required   60

The above listing is a suggested sequence only.  Some courses may have prerequisites.  Students may take courses in any sequence except where a prerequisite applies.

* no longer offered at Chabot;
   take MKTG-60 Retail Store Management at Las Positas, offered every Spring online.

Program-Learning Outcomes (PLOs):

  • 1.  Understand and apply practices used in the management retail stores.
     Identify the basics of information technology and apply software applications to enhance efficiency of business functions.
    Create effective oral and written business communications using modern communication technologies.
    Apply critical thinking and analytical skills in decision making and problem solving.


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