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CIN Classroom Environment

CIN classes are student-centered, open minded, engaging and allow for vulnerability. It is a reflexive, challenging and rigorous space. A CIN class focuses on praxis that draws from service and experiential learning as well as participatory research.  A CIN class is a safe place where diverse voices can be heard, valued and respected.


CIN Course Information

All of the courses in the CIN program meet the criteria students need to meet general education requirements, acquire an AA degree or transfer. CIN Courses are the classes on record for participating disciplines, taught through the lens of social justice. To view a description of the courses on record listed below see the course outlines. Click Here to view the CIN Fall 2018 Course Listings.

Courses Offered:

English 102 (Fall)

Communication Studies 1 (Fall)

History 8 (Fall)

Introduction to Ethnic Studies (Fall and Spring)

Social Justice Leadership (Fall and Spring)

College Readiness and Study Skills (Fall)

English 1A ( Spring)

Argumentation and Debate (Spring)

English 7 (Spring)

Career and Academic Planning (Spring)





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