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We connect employers to Chabot students and alumni who are actively searching for job openings for part time jobs, full time jobs, and internship opportunities. See Career Transfer Center Website for work readiness and resume workshop.



Are you an employer seeking to post a job in our Career & Transfer Center?

You can now post jobs in College Central Network, our web based job post database. Create an account and have full access to post jobs for Chabot students and alumni.

We ask that you consider the following guidelines:

  • Please include a detailed job description that includes location, qualifications, how to apply and the salary. For paid part-time jobs, provide the hourly wage or part-time salary. For a full-time position, enter a salary or salary range.

  • Indicate if it is a paid or unpaid internship, minimum hours required, and length of internship.


Thank you for connecting to Chabot College Career and Transfer Center.

For general inquiries, please contact us at ccemploymentservices@chabotcollege.edu.  

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