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It’s always a bit of a chore getting the words out “Office of Development and the Foundation” when we are asked for our name. Try saying “Office of Development and the Foundation” out loud. See what we mean? Yet this string of words is important in defining the activities we undertake as we build social and financial capital for the college. The core areas of action that comprise higher education development are alumni and retiree relations, communications, marketing, and fundraising.

Linking development and fundraising

The important functions and fundamental tasks associated with the advancement of any college include: aligning fundraising goals with institutional planning, as well as cultivating and soliciting donors. The first set of activities fall into the realm of development work. The second is what we know as fundraising. In order to have an effective plan, it is critical to understand and embrace the mission of the college. What follows next is the creation of a strategic plan that respects the college’s values and vision by following its expressed priorities.

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Elements of development campaign

Important activities included in a comprehensive plan consist of crafting research methods that result in timely, accurate data about campus needs. Such work requires a drill down approach in order to learn about the various units on campus, their roles in the overall mission of the college, as well as the successes and challenges they face. This is the internal aspect of development work. The outward facing activities of development work include researching and learning about the motivations and interests of donor prospects. All effective fundraising campaigns are rooted in the human connections that come from articulating campus needs and identifying people who wish to assist in filling those needs.


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