Mental Health Services Staff

Chabot promotes "Mental Health and Wellness" for our campus commuinity.  Our mental health services team works in collaboration with our Student Health Center staff to ensure that you receive an initial assessment, and as a result, you are set up to receive the appropriate services.

Our Mental Health Counseling Interns provide mental health/psychological counseling for our students by appointment; limited "walk-in" same day appointments may also be available.  Check with the Student Health Center for scheduling.


The Mental Health Counselor Interns provide counseling services for students; Chabot's Mental Health Counseling Internship opportunity allows interns to gain pre-licensed clinical counseling hours.   Generally the internship contract lasts for a school year and may be extended.  In order to qualify for the internship opportunity, every intern must have a Masters degree in a counseling major; most times they are clinical psychology majors.  The clinical supervised hours counseling with Chabot students are accepted by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences toward licensing requirements.  Supervision is mandated and the supervisor must be a California licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  The number of interns available may vary depending on stipends and licensed clinician face-to-face supervision availability.  Interns provide direct mental health counseling to students.

Name                                 Title   

   Ernesto Victoria, L.C.S.W.              Academic and Crisis Counselor
   Sadie Ashraf, L.M.F.T.                   Academic and International Counselor
   Shauna Castro-McDaniel, L.M.F.T.   Mental Health Cousnelor
   ValJean Dale, L.M.F.T.                  Mental Health Clinical Supervisor
                                                    (for Mental Health Interns), Interim
                                                    Dean, Counseling Division and Title IX 
                                                    & Sexual Harassment Officer     

Chabot Mental Health Licensed Counseling Faculty provide consultation to faculty and administrative staff members.


The following team of dedicated faculty members and mental health professionals also assist our college community by keeping abreast of the new state or federal laws and legislation regarding funding that becomes available to allow us to increase our services to our students.

Sadie Ashraf, L.M.F.T.
Shauna Castro-McDaniel, L.M.F.T. 
ValJean Dale, L.M.F.T.      
Michael D'Aloisio, M.A.
Katie Messina, M.F.T. Intern
Juztino Panella, M.F.T. Intern
Ernesto Victoria, L.C.S.W.