As college students, we are all familiar with the experience of loneliness. Because each individual is unique, we all tend to feel lonely under different conditions. For example, some of us will feel lonely when we are excluded from group activities, others, when we are deprived of building close one-to-one relationships.

What is Loneliness

Loneliness does not necessarily mean being alone. For example, you can feel lonely when you are in a class with three hundred other students, in the middle of a party, or at a football game with hundreds of screaming spectators.

Loneliness is a painful awareness that you are not feeling connected to others and important needs are not being met.

Loneliness means to feel:

Negative Effect of Loneliness

If you are lonely you may find yourself engaging in the following behaviors that perpetuate the problem:

How to Overcome Loneliness & Regain a Positive Outlook

Loneliness can be overcome. But it depends on YOU. Only you can build your self-esteem and learn to feel good about yourself. If you are lonely, do something about it: