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Assessment and Placement Information

If you have not taken any English classes at Chabot before, you will probably have to go through the English placement process to find out which English course you should take.  Visit the Assessment website for information on assessment test dates, times and location.

Course Sequences

English and ESL Course Sequences


English 1A Prerequisite Challenge

Students are responsible for establishing that they have the skills to challenge the pre-requisite. They may choose to submit one or more of the following.

  1. Sample papers from an English class or a class that required substantial writing. These must be the students' own work.
  2. Work-related documents for which they are the only author supplemented by writing they have done in a class
  3. The course description and their writing assignments from a similar course taken at another institution
  4. Their transcript evaluated by an accredited agency and accompanied by their own sample writing assignments from classes on the transcript
  5. A combination of these documents

At least two samples of typed or legible, handwritten writing must be submitted for the challenge process. The samples should not have marginal comments by a teacher.

Students submit the documents along with a Pre-requisite Challenge Form, which is available at the Counseling Office in Building 700, to the Division Dean who chooses a Division committee to evaluate the documents. On the basis of these documents, the committee members decide whether the student has demonstrated the skills expected of students entering English 1A.

Some additional points to keep in mind:

  • You can take the placement test once a semester.
  • Once you challenge the placement you are precluded from retaking the placement exam.
  • You need to take the placement exam before you can challenge the 1A pre-requisite.

Before enrolling in any English classes, students are strongly encouraged to take the English assessment test.

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