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AA French degree!
French 1A and 1B ONLINE
French 2A and 2B ONLINE

French Course Descriptions

Course No. Course Title Course No. Course Title
FRNC 1A   Beginning French FRNC 1A1  Beginning French I
FRNC 1A2  Beginning French II
FRNC 1B   Elementary French FRNC 1B1  Elementary French I
FRNC 1B2  Elementary French II
FRNC 2A   Intermediate French    
FRNC 2B   Advanced French    
FRNC 50A   Conversational French I    
FRNC 50B   Conversational French II    
FRNC 50C   Conversational French III    
FRNC 50D   Conversational French IV    

Full time Faculty
Caren Barnezet Parrish


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