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Focused Inquiry Groups (FIGs)

A persistent impediment to educational improvement is that faculty have few purposeful, constructive opportunities to discuss and exchange the knowledge and experience they have gained in their classrooms and to build upon this knowledge by jointly exploring and testing innovative practices.  Chabot College's Focused Inquiry Groups (FIGs) provide the collaborative enterprise needed to bring the knowledge of our faculty and staff together with the desire to seek and evaluate solutions to our students' learning needs.   For more information on FIGs, please see this report by the Carnegie Foundation.

What FIGs do*:

  • Create communities in which educators can share what happens in classrooms.
  • Articulate, negotiate, and enact the most important outcomes for student learning.
  • Classroom research to better understand the needs and experiences of students.
  • Share insights and findings.
  • Examine a wide range of evidence that describes patterns of student performance.
  • Collaborate in the design of curricula, assignments, student programs, and assessments.
  • Support professional development among educators.

*Adapted from "Windows on Learning: Faculty Inquiry".

Title III FIGs

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Concluded Investigations:


Basic Skills Initiative FIGs

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