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Mini Math Conference - Spring 2010

Summary of Activity

The second annual Mini-Math Conference was held on Saturday, March 6, 2010, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. It was attended by eighteen adjunct and full-time math, computer science, and physic faculty and the Dean of the Math and Sciences division.

The schedule for the day was three presentations in the morning and two hands-on computer workshops in the afternoon. The first presentation was by the Dean, Tram Vo-Kumamoto, who gave an inspirational talk about the need for consistent standards and expectations and the role that faculty evaluations play in meeting these standards. The next presentation was given by Daryl Crew. He presented data from the Office of Institutional Research that showed that students from classes whose instructors gave a higher percentage of A, B, and Cs, had a lower success rate in the following class than students from classes whose instructors gave a lower percentage. This indicated that there is a wide range in our grading standards for passing a student. A lively discussion followed on why this is the case and some possible solutions were suggested to create a more consistent standard for a passing grade. Marcia Kolb introduced the two new coursed, Basic Mathematics and Prealgebra, being offered in Fall of 2010. She talked of her experience of using ALEKS in her Basic Mathematics course.

In the afternoon, Carole Splendore, gave a quick update on where the campus is with regards to student learning outcomes. Carole gave a hands-on demonstration on how to enter the data collected from an assessment into eLumens software. The last workshop of the day was a hands-on demonstration of Math XL given by Kaci Smith and Jay Jenkins of Pearsons Publishing. They showed the faculty how to set up MathXL to use in their courses.

Participating Faculty

Adjunct Math Faculty: Abdul Nasiri, Boris Polishchuk, Eugene Ionel, George Hauser, Henry Thaggert, Nataliya Gavryshova, Seymour Singer, Stuart Blumsack, Thomas Burbridge, Thuy - Lan Rouland, and Phyllis Lee

Full-time Math Faculty: Cynthia Stubblebine, Daryl Crew, Doris Hanhan, Marcia Kolb, and Ming Ho

Learning Outcomes Coordinator: Carole Splendore

Full-time Computer Science Faculty: Jonathan Traugott

Full-time Physics Faculty: Nick Alexander

Dean Of Science and Math: Tram Vo-Kumanmoto

Pearsons Representatives: Kaci Smith and Jay Jenkins

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