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Printing at the Library Go Print image

The Go Print card dispenser is located in the main hallway of the Library.  The Go-Print card is a $1 and comes with 50 cents of print jobs on the initial card. You can add more money to the card through the card dispenser station. Printing costs $0.10 a page. Printers only print in black and white.

COST SAVER: E-Mail your articles instead of printing them. 

How do I send a print job successfully?

1.  If you are using a library subscription database or a web site, always look for an option for print inside the page first.  If you are viewing a document through Adobe Acrobat (those files that end with .pdf), you want to make sure you select the print icon from the Acrobat toolbar, not select print from your browser.

2.  Preview your print jobs, including selecting pages you want to print.  Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office products all have an option called print preview from the File pull down menu.  Select it and then take a look at what you are actually printing, page by page. 

3.  After previewing your pages, select print and what pages you want to print.

4.  If you are selecting text of a page, you do not get to preview your selections, however make sure when you get to the print window that you select Selection and NOT All.

5. Remember your computer # (bottom left of the monitor).  Your print job matches your computer station number.

6.  Go to the Print Release station on your floor.  Enter the button that matches your computer station.  When finding your print job, select it.  The job will show you the cost of your print job.  Confirm to print.  A prompt will appear asking you to insert your card to the reader.  Insert the card, and the printer will print your job.

TIPS IN PICKING UP PRINT JOBS: Pick up each job right after you send each one.  It is best to keep the screen that you are printing still active on your work station (do not go to another screen or close out of your program).  Sending a number of them over a period of time may create confusion.  DO NOT ABANDON YOUR WORKSTATION UNTIL YOU PICK UP YOUR PRINT JOB.  If for whatever reason it was not sent successfully, you can go back to your workstation and send it again.

UNCLAIMED PRINT JOBS: After a period of 1 hour, unclaimed print jobs will disappear from the release station.