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 California: Statistics and Reports  
Statistical Bars and Graph
California Research Bureau Reports

Business/Finances/State Spending/Workforce

Manufacturing and Job Sector Growth in California
A Comparison of the Growth in Property and Sales Tax Bases For 218 Cities in California, 1980-1999
The Distribution of Wealth in California, 2000

Undocumented Workers: An Annotated Bibliography


Adult Parole and Probation in California

California State Prisoners With Children
California County Approaches to Domestic Violence

Children of Arrested Parents

Community Treatment and Supervision of Sex Offenders: How It's Done Across the Country and in California



Educational Opportunities for Adults in California

Preschool and Child Enrollment in California

The Composition of Staff in California Community's Colleges 1994-2002

Social Conditions

Adolescent Pregnancy and Childbearing in California

Long Term Homelessness

Profile of the Young Californian (Age Group 16 to 24): How Has it Changed in the Last Three Decades?

Undocumented Workers: An Annotated Bibliography



and others available (2003 and below--some noteworthy) at