MTT 71A - NC Programming 1

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71A NUMERICAL CONTROL PROGRAMMING I                    4UNITS (May be repeated 3 times)

Introduction to programming and operating three-axis computer numerical controlled drilling and milling machines. Instruction includes the standard X-Y Z Cartesian coordinate system, manual and automatic milling machine operation, absolute and incremental positioning, tape coding and preparation, and fabrication of basic and intermediate three-axis drill and mill parts. Prerequisite: Computer Science 8 or Computer Application Systems 8. Strongly recommended: Industrial Technology 74 (may be taken concur­rently). 2 hours lecture, 6 hours laboratory. Transfer: CSU

In this class each student will set fixture offsets, set tool length offsets, create G code NC programs, and fabricate parts on numerically controlled vertical milling machines.  All the necessary math and calculation methods will be covered.

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