MTT 81A - Solidworks

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81A COMPUTER PART PROGRAMMING I - Solidworks         3 UNITS (May be repeated 3 times)

Create machine part solid models using Solidworks computer software. MTT 81A is an  introduction to computer-assisted part programming numerical controlled drilling and milling machines. Includes theory and laboratory practice on the use of computer terminals, graphic plotters, tape punches, and high speed printers for processing and debugging computer-assisted part programs. Prerequisite: Machine Tool Technology 71 B. 2 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory.

Instruction includes theory and laboratory practice in the use of the Solidworks solid modeling enviornment.  Machine parts will be created as solids of extrusion, solids by revolve, solids by sweep, and solids by loft.  Other topics will include creating drawings, cross sections, assemblies, and sheet metal parts.

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