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Incoming Class of 2017

Welcome to the Class of 2017(graduation date) to the Chabot Nursing Program. In an effort to expedite the acceptance process we are now putting as many forms as possible in an electronic format. You will need Adobe Reader to open and view the forms.  Please review and print all of the information sheets. Create a file/folder for future reference.  When you submit any paperwork to the nursing program please make a copy of the completed form for your file.

We look forward to being a part of your nursing education.  Connie Telles, DNP, RNC-OB, Nursing Program Director

Email: Additional emails will be posted under program announcements.

Incoming class emails will be posted here.  Emails will be numbers 17:01 etc. If you have not received any class emails please check this webpage, than notify the program office you are not receiving emails.    Test email for the new Class 2017 Group was sent on June 22, 2015. Again, if you did not receive this test message please email the program office so I can capture your correct email address:

Last one for this page...

17:08 Facebook page has been established. Read your Social Media Policy before posting comments or pictures. Appendix A of the Handbook

17:07 Reminder for Orientation on August 6th, Open House on August 10th.


BCC: Class 2017

Orientation begins at 8:00 AM tomorrow. Room 3115, Building 3100 Please be on time, we have a lot of material to cover.  Class of 2016 will be on hand to discuss uniforms, study groups and overall survival techniques. They will also be selling class T Shirts/sweatshirts/totes and hospital name tags($10 each, you need at least one).  They are planning to raffle off books and other items. Please bring cash to make those purchases. Name tag purchase, $10, is required tomorrow.

 Instructors: Above are listed emails for all of your instructors. Please right click and add to your address book for future reference.

 Class 2016 President is Michelle Hererra. Email above if you have questions about name tags or shirts AFTER orientation tomorrow.

 Assistance: Jane Church is the nursing counselor. If you have any questions or concerns about the program, family, program expectation or stress; email Connie Telles, program director or Jane Church, counselor for a shoulder to lean on or resources both on and off campus.

 Paperwork: yes, hard copies of all the program paperwork is due tomorrow (unless you have already spoken to the program office (me)). Checklist was given to you at orientation.

17:05 Clinical Assignments has been completed and has been updated 07/22/2015. ValleyCare Hospital is in Pleasanton.  You will be asked to complete additional hospital forms at the beginning of each semester for assigned hospitals. Kasier assignments have already been send an email with instructions. Other hospitals will follow.  First year class schedule was also included in the email. N56 and N61 have been switched from Monday - Thursday lectures.

17:04  HealthStream user and passwords have been entered. Please review the information below. Complete all four modules. Cost should be $3.50 each.

17:03 Uniform Discounts.

17:02  N56 is now on the schedule. If you are not submitting a substitution form for Psych 12 please register now.

17:01 - Register Now - you can begin registering for classes start with N55, N56, N58, N61 and N69 for this semester. Total of 12.5 units. Problem "major restriction"? contact Admission and Records specialist Mario Orozco

17:02 - N56 is now on the schedule.

17:03 - Uniform Discounts. Building 700 will issue a NURSING STUDENT ID with your nursing letter. Discount at Bullard Uniforms, Dublin 10%, Uniform Advantage in Emeryville 15%. Other places? Just show your ID and ask, many vendors will give students 10%.

17:04: HealthStream passwords and users names have been enters. Please review instructions and complete all four modules.  Room 2256 computer lab will be available on Wednesday July 8th 8:00-12:00 if you are unable to complete at home.


N95 Fit Test: Update to ValleyCare Occupational Health Address:  4000 Dublin Blvd, Suite 150, Dublin, CA (925) 373-4162 

Letters for the selection of the incoming Class of 2017 were mailed on May 17, 2015. If you submitted your provisional paperwork and have not received a letter by June 2nd, please contact the Nursing Program office or (510) 723.6896.  Selected and Alternate students must return their provisional acceptance by June 4, 2015.

Please FAX your acceptance profile forms (510) 723.7298.  ADD the program contact information to the email contact listing and  We will email you when we receive the form.

Program Information

Nursing Program office is located in Room 2273, Building 2200 second floor. Contact: Catherine Gentiluomo (510) 723.6896.  The program office is open Monday through Thursday during the summer months; June and July only.  Program questions not answered in the orientation can be emailed directly to the program director Connie Tellles

Register for Classes:  Fall registration will be reviewed at orientation in June/July. Students must pass background and drug screen as well as complete all required documentation to register for nursing courses. Register after June 23, 2015.

Mandatory Orientation  - Incoming students must attend two orientations 8:00 AM in Room 3102, Building 3100, 25555 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward, CA  94545  - Directions to Campus:

Course Substitution Waiver - Psych 12 or similar courses at other colleges can be substituted for Nursing 56. You must submit a complete syllabus and unofficial copy of your grade with the paperwork to the program office by the first day of class, August 6, 2015 for any course you wish to challenge.  If you have taken any other nursing courses and wish to substitute for program courses please submit the syllabus and unofficial copy of your grade with the Course Substitution Waiver by first day of the FALL semester, no exceptions.  Nutrition and Pharmacoloy will require the student to take and pass the ATI test at Level 2 to waive those courses. This testing must be scheduled by August 6, 2015.

Library Orientation: Libguide for library orientation:

Textbooks: N55 textbooks can be purchased as a bundle through the Chabot Bookstore. These books are used throughout the program.  Students are required to purchase textbooks and be ready for class on August 17, 2015.

Student Information Packet

Individual Forms below Complete Student Packet (33 Pages) Added corrected address for VC Occupational Health

Section 1 - Program Forms:

American Heart Association HealthCare Provider Basic Life Support (BLS- CPR) Class

We will be offering a one day only class for American Heart Association  (AHA) HealthCare Worker CPR on June 24, 2015.  Time: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM  Room 3115. Cost: $65.  Registration and Payment must be made on or before June 17 2015. Cashier check or money order only please.  Registration required PDF

This class is a courtesy to the incoming nursing program and dental students and alternates. You may take the HealthCare Provider course anywhere be sure the course is American Heart Association Certified.

Section 2 - Medical Forms:

Section 3 - Background and Drug Screen

Section 4 - Nursing 55 - Study Guides:

Section 5: HealthStream: Due 8:00 AM Monday August 6, 2015

HealthStream is a online program designed to educate health occupations students and to enhance safety, competency, and outcomes in healthcare organizations through required regulatory training and accredited continuing education. You will need to complete four(4) HealthStream modules: Rapid Regulatory Compliance I, Rapid Regulatory Compliance II,  Hazard Communication and HIPPA. HealthStream Instructions. If you have any questions they will be addressed at your orientation.

If you have any difficulty downloading the forms in the PDF form, please email the program office for the file in WORD format. or call (510) 723.6896 for information.



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