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  ADN Seamless Transfer to BSN      

Collaborative Model 

Chabot and three other community colleges; Ohlone, Contra Costa, and Los Medanos are working together with CSUEB to offer a seamless transition from the ADN to BSN degree. The program begins with enrollment to one of the participating ADN Programs.

The CSUEB Nursing major requires both lower and upper division coursework. The collaborative works to meet all lower division requirements at the ADN level. Maximum credit awarded for Community College Coursework is 105 units. The ADN graduate must meet all CSU admission requirements. Transfer courses used to satisfy pre-requisites must be evaluated by the CSUEB Nursing Admission Coordinator as part of the application process.

Chabot nursing students should meet with a counselor at Chabot College to review their coursework and eligibility for CSUEB. 

 Roadmap to CSUEB                CSUEB Brochure                    CSUEB RN Brochure

Unique Features

A 12-month online BSN curriculum available Chabot Graduates who have passed the NCLEX exam. Our graduates are awarded twenty upper division college credits for passing the NCLEX.   An upper division leadership theory course taught online is taken by the Chabot student during their last semester in the ADN nursing program.

The ADN graduate then completes upper division units: new grad program, teaching in simulation/skills lab, preceptorship to meet core competencies. There are options for upper division units in community health nursing courses; clinical placement at employee home care/community service site or at traditional public health department.

For more information ,please consult the website  or call the Department of Nursing and Health Science (510) 885.3481 Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00 PM  - Seamless Transfer Brochure

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