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Blackboard Tools for Effective Online Pedagogy

The following Blackboard tool use suggestions were contributed from the Online Engagement Faculty Inquiry Group (FIG).

Bb Tool: Use to:
Announcements Post a Weekly Summary; set as jump page
Discussion Board Virtual Office, Virtual Cafe' - general discussion board for questions. Have a fun forum (e.g. post interesting YouTube videos, stress relief tips, etc.)
Blogs Student Journaling
Collaboration-Chat function Office Hours
Wiki's Collaborative learning
Course Calendar Include under Course Materials, send reminders via Announcements
Elluminate (CCC Confer) Synchronous class sessions, office hours, or student presentations
Messages Communication within Blackboard
Glossary Incorporate into an assignment
Tasks Create course tasks to help students (and instructors) stay on track
Test/Surveys/Pools Use informal Surveys to gauge student experience in the class. Test can be used for any assessment need with a variety of question types. Use Pools to vary test questions
Email Contact students directly from Blackboard and receive a time-stamped CC in your email inbox. Emails can also be sent of Announcements
SafeAssign Check papers/files for plagiarism. Helpful for research papers
Rubrics Post Rubrics for Discussion Board posts and assignments. Incorporate outcomes/objectives
Link Checker Use frequently to avoid student frustration with broken links
Contacts Lists instructor information. It is recommended to offer multiple forms of contact: on-campus office hours, virtual office hours, email, and phone.
Course Banner Change out banner image frequently: make the images relevant to the topic at hand (note that this function is not listed under Tools)




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