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Blackboard for Instructors

Blackboard Tips

There are numerous tips for using the different features of Blackboard. Here are a few of the basics, applicable to all areas of Blackboard, to get you started:

  • Keep your files used in Blackboard in one location (i.e. in a folder on your flash drive). This way, you have a backup in case you accidentally delete something in Blackboard.
  • Use .RTF (Rich Text Format) or .PDF (can be read with free Adobe Reader) files as they are the most accessible formats for all students.
  • Take advantage of the Copy and Paste features. Utilize the ability to add links to the outside internet. It is also important to link on-campus resources, such as the Chabot College Library- /library/. Remember to set links to open in a New Window for maximum accessibility within the new page.
  • Keep navigation simple- a good rule is to keep material accessible through the fewest amount of "clicks." Also, try to keep side navigation buttons to a reasonable amount.
  • When you review your course site, try to look at it from the student perspective. It is important that button titles are clear and self-explanatory. Clarity is also essential in content and assignments for Blackboard. Remember, Blackboard has a Spell Check tool in many content areas and the Discussion Board!
  • Obtain a web account for an Instructional Website by contacting the Webmaster. This is especially helpful as any student or prospective student can view the site to find out more information about you and your courses. This is highly recommended for instructors with a heavy Blackboard focus and/ or online instructors.
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