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Getting started with Respondus: Publish a Test to Blackboard

image of Respondus softwareNot sure where to begin? You're in the right place!

Most faculty are interested in publishing their tests Blackboard. Below are the steps from start to finish, including obtaining the software. How much time does this require? It usually only takes about an hour to format and publish a single test. Most of the time goes towards formatting your test questions, and then only a few minutes using Respondus.


Step Task Estimated Time
Step 1: Request/Install the Software. You can download the software to your personal computer and/or request Computer Support to install a copy on your office computer. When you click on the link above, you will read that prior to installation, you must review the conditions for using Respondus. 5 minutes

Step 2:

Create/collect your test questions. Gather all of the questions you want to use into one document/file. To avoid errors, we recommend creating/copy/pasting/editing your questions using NotePad (yes, NotePad!), as you won't have to deal with auto-numbering or auto-formatting. However, Respondus will accept Plain Text (TXT), Rich Text (RTF), Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX), or CSV files. 10 minutes
Step 3: Format your document. Once you have all of your questions listed in a file, you need to indicate the correct answers according to the Respondus' guide to formatting your questions (PDF). This is easy to do but may take a while depending on how many questions you have. For the most part, you will place an "*" in front of the correct answers. Below is an example for a multiple choice question:

1) Who determined the exact speed of light?
a. Albert Einstein
*b) albert Michelson
c) Thomas Edison
d. Guglielmo Marconi

Do you want to include images in your test? View the 1-page guide, Respondus' guide to preparing your images (PDF).
25 minutes
Step 4:

Import Questions into Respondus. Once you have formatted your file, you are ready to import the questions into Respondus. screenshot of Respondus Import Questions button

  1. Open up the Respondus program.
  2. Click on the "Import Questions" button.
  3. Select the type of file & browse for the file (containing the test questions).
  4. Enter a name for the Respondus document (that you are about to create).
  5. Click Preview.
  6. Check for any warnings. If all is okay, click Finish, which will bring you to the Edit tab/area.

For a sample demonstration of what to enter in each field, You may find it helpful to view the following 4-minute narrated video, "Importing Questions into Respondus."

5 minutes
Step 5:

Publish your test to Blackboard. Assuming that you have already imported your questions into Blackboard (Step 4, above), complete each of the steps below:

  1. Click on the "Settings" tab.
  2. Click on the Availability tab on the left and enter/select your availability settings.
  3. Click on the Other Settings tab for any other settings.
  4. Click on the "Preview & Publish" tab.
  5. Click on the Publish Wizard.
  6. Select "add new server."
  7. Select "No, I want to enter the server settings manually" then click Next.
  8. Copy/paste the requested URL's in the first two fields, then click
  9. Enter a Description for the server, such as "Chabot Blackboard.
  10. IMPORTANT: Enter your Blackboard instructor username and password.
  11. Follow the remaining prompts, such as selecting the specific course site. At the end of the process you should see the following confirmation: "upload [to Blackboard] completed successfully."
  12. Close Respondus.

For a sample demonstration of what to enter in each field, you may find it helpful to view the following 5-minute narrated video, Publishing to a Blackboard Course.

5 minutes
Step 6:

Verify that the test was published to your Blackboard course site.

  1. Close the Respondus program.
  2. Log into Blackboard, and go to the area where you deployed the test (where you posted the link for students).
  3. Verify the Test Options and modify if necessary.
5 minutes

Learn More!
For more information, watch these 3-7 minute Flash Demonstration and Training movies, view or print out the general Quickstart Guide, Printed Guides, check out the Respondus Knowledgebase & Support or request help.
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