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Blackboard Resources for Instructors

Should I use Blackboard or Web pages?

Why not both? Blackboard and Faculty Websites can be used together or separately depending on your purpose and needs. We highly recommend that all instructors use a Faculty Website to provide basic information to Chabot students. This can include information about your classes, texts, how to contact you, process for add inquiries, etc. A Faculty Website can easily be linked within a Blackboard site, which functions more like a Virtual Classroom.

  • Provided course management tools, such as quizzes, discussions, and blogs/journals.
  • Presents a consistent, cohesive instructional delivery system for your students.
  • Please note: Only students enrolled in a given course site can have access (typically during a semester).
Web Pages
  • Note: If you are considering a faculty website, the Webmaster has created an easy-to-use Faculty Website Builder application (not available at this time).
  • Your website content can be available to anyone at anytime and can be easily linked from the college directory or other websites.
  • Keep all students informed of pertinent information, even for those not enrolled.

For more information on Blackboard, please go to /OnlineTeaching/blackboard/WhatIsBb/

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions not answered above.

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