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Online Teaching & Blackboard Resources for Instructors

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The Online Learning Link includes important information and announcements about Online Teaching & Learning and Blackboard at Chabot College.

Our Canvas System is Ready: Get Ready for Canvas!

Canvas logoChabot College has implemented the Canvas Course Management System and it is now ready to use in preparation for the summer 2017 term. Please see the column to the right for steps to request Canvas sites. While, the first semester that faculty will have the option to teach using Canvas will be Summer 2017, faculty can choose to switch from Blackboard to Canvas at anytime prior to the summer 2018 term. Please note that Blackboard will not be available after the spring 2018 semester.

In the effort to assist faculty with this change in platform, summer and fall 2016 Blackboard course sites have been migrated into separate Canvas sites within each instructor's account. Once the spring 2017 term ends, those Blackboard course sites will also be migrated into Canvas. Note that migration does not mean that the content will be transferred over perfectly – site clean-up will be necessary. To access your summer and fall 2016 migrated course sites:
- Log into your Canvas account (How to Log In to the CLPCCD Canvas System)
- Click on Courses in the left navigation menu
- Click on All Courses (migrated courses will be listed under “Past Enrollments”)

white glove serviceFaculty can start the “clean-up” of content within these migrated course sites, which can later be exported into “live” summer and fall 2017 sites.  While "cleaning-up" your own sites is a good way to learn how to use the system, Canvas also offers optional white glove clean-up service for your migrated course sites. The District has contracted with Canvas to not only migrate your courses from Blackboard to Canvas, but also to perform any post-migration cleanup work that is necessary (by request). If you decide that you would like “white glove” Canvas service to clean up your migrated sites for you, please complete the Request Course Clean-Up Form by Thursday, April 13th at 5pm.

Canvas Training: Live Webinars from Canvas

The Canvas training community offers a wide-variety of live webinars for instructors. These webinars are led by the same team of professional Canvas trainers that have conducted the on-campus sessions at both Chabot and LPC. The Canvas webinars allow you to attend Canvas training from the comfort of your own computer and phone line. You can view the presenters screen, ask questions via phone, and hear the questions of other attendees - all based on your schedule. This invaluable online Canvas training is offered courtesy of a license provided by the District for both Chabot and LPC faculty.

Training topics include:
Course Communications Leveraging Modules Home Pages
Course Design Considerations Content Pages Gradebook & Speedgrader
Quiz Basics / Managing Quizzes Assignments Group Work & Collaboration
Canvas Training Calendar

The Canvas training webinars are scheduled throughout the month with multiple sessions offered each week. The image to the right is a screenshot of the webinars scheduled for next week (April 10-14th) and a depiction of the weekly variety of scheduled sessions. Each week offers a different arrangement of scheduled training webinars.

In order to view and register for available online Canvas training sessions, first navigate to the Training Space within the Canvas Community. Once on the Training Space website, follow these steps:
1. Sign In / Create an Account (using your institution assigned email address: @chabotcollege.edu)
2. Select & register for the trainings that you would like to attend
3. Repeat for each training session you would like to attend

Not ready to attend a full webinar? Canvas offers a wealth of resources for both faculty and students through the Help button within our own Canvas system. To access these resources, log into Canvas and click on the Help button in the left navigation menu and then Search the Canvas Guides.

Canvas Training: Lynda.com

Lynda.com imageLynda.com Online Tutorial provides training materials for an extensive list of software, including Canvas. Viewers can choose to watch a video segment on a specific element of Canvas or the entire Canvas video series. Lynda.com is available free to all CLPCCD employees through the state’s Professional Learning Network (click here for access information for Lynda.com).

Canvas Training: @One Courses

@One logoThe @One project offers a variety of training courses and webinars on Canvas and related topics. To view and register for @One online courses, visit http://onefortraining.org/online-courses. In addition to instructor-led courses, @One also provides self-paced online classes and for a quick, hour-long introduction to a topic, @One offers "lunch-and-learn" desktop webinars.

Volume 34, April 2017

How to Request Sites and Copy Over Content

         Canvas logoBlackboard Logo

Request Summer & Fall 2017 Canvas and Blackboard Sites:

Chabot instructors can now choose to use Canvas or Blackboard for their on-campus, hybrid, or online courses. You can request your summer and fall 2017 Canvas or Blackboard sites at any time through CLASS-Web, click on the Menu for Faculty, Staff & Advisors, scroll down to either the Canvas Course Site Request link or the Blackboard Course Site Request link, and get started by selecting the semester and campus. Just be sure to use the Canvas Course Site Request link or Blackboard Course Site Request link depending on which platform you’d like to use for each class.
If you are a new instructor, requesting sites in CLASS-Web will create your Canvas or Blackboard account. For more information, please contact us.

Canvas: Export & Import Content from another Canvas Site
Once your course sites have been setup and appear in Canvas, you can use the Export and Import function to copy over the content from a migrated or sandbox site. View steps for how to Export course content. Once you have a course export file, view steps for how to Import course content. Please only use the Export/ Import function once per site. Also, refrain from attempting the import process again in the same site.

Blackboard: Copy Content from a Past Site
Once your course sites have been setup and appear in Blackboard, you can use the Course Copy tool to copy over your content from a previous site (view steps on how to use the Course Copy tool). The Course Copy process may take several hours. Once you've initiated the Course Copy, you will receive an email when the copy process is complete. Please wait for the email confirmation prior to attempting the copy process again to avoid duplicate content.

Need instructions?
Canvas Instructor Guide
Blackboard: Step-by-step instructions for building content in Blackboard.

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