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Blackboard/Online Teaching Resources for Instructors

The Online Learning Link
A publication for Faculty about Online Learning at Chabot College

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The Online Learning Link includes important information and announcements about Online Teaching & Learning and Blackboard at Chabot College.
There's an Easy Way to get Tests into Blackboard
Respondus  Have you been looking for a quick and easy way to convert all of those test questions and Word documents into an online format? Respondus is an easy-to-use software application for creating, managing, & publishing tests & surveys directly to Blackboard. Chabot College has a campus-wide license which allows faculty to have one copy of the software installed on their office computer, and another on their personal computer. Typically, faculty can convert and publish a single test to Blackboard is less than one hour - complete start-to-finish directions are provided! Get started at the following link:
Already using Respondus? You may simply need the new installation password: http://www.chabotcollege.edu/OnlineTeaching/Respondus/code/request.asp.

Why it's crucial to Update Due Dates in Blackboard
If you have due dates entered for your Blackboard exams and assignments (including blogs, journals, discussions), remember to adjust the due dates for the current term to avoid potential issues. You can change or delete the due dates one column at a time in the Grade Center by clicking Edit Column Information for each exam/assignment column. Or, change all of the dates from one screen using the new Date Management tool that can be found in Control Panel > Course Tools > Date Management (image below, left). Then, Under Select Date Adjustment Option, select List All Dates For Review (image below, right) > then select Due Dates for Item Type > Edit each item individually by clicking the pencil icon > select a new due date > and click the green check mark to submit.
    Date Management         Date Management 2
Potential issues include: If your due date for an exam is in the past, after students complete the test a Needs Grading icon will appear in your Grade Center instead of the students' scores because Bb will consider the submissions "late." If you encounter this issue: open the first student's attempt> click Save and Next to go to the next student> click Save and Next for as many students who attempted the test. Also, with due dates in the past, if you selected the Test Option "Do not allow students to start the Test if the due date has passed" students will not be able to take the exam. Note that these issues are only present when due dates are not updated for the current course and semester.
Highlights from theCOOL:
A spotlight on the activities of the Committee On Online Learning.

The COOL has currently received 17 proposals for online or hybrid courses to be reviewed during the Spring 2014 semester. Subjects include Business, Computer Networking Technology, Kinesiology, Math, Music, and Psychology Counseling. As part of the committee goals to streamline yet strengthen the proposal process, the COOL released a revised proposal form that does not require printing! The revised proposal form and process information can be found at http://www.chabotcollege.edu/cool/.

The committee will soon be reviewing the submitted proposals in the effort to guide the faculty proposers through the remainder of the approval process and their resulting online/hybrid class. Faculty who will teach an online or hybrid class for the first time are also required to provide a demonstration of their proposed online/hybrid course site to their assigned COOL review team.

Volume 17, February 2014

Bb LogoBlackboard Tips

Blackboard Profiles

One fun new feature in Blackboard is Profiles. This will allow you to upload an image which will display in such areas as the Discussion Board (pictured below) and Journals.
 Profiles in DB
A profile is entirely optional, but helps to give the class a more "personalized" and interactive feel. If you'd like to set up your profile, click on the image box next to your name at the top, right of any Blackboard page. Note that it will ask you to enter an email address for ID verification.

Set External Links to Open in a New Window:

When you add a link to a webpage outside of Blackboard, it is a good idea to set it to open in a new browser window. This ensures greater accessibility and function of the outside website. When creating your links, either with the Build Content > Web Link function or through the "Hyperlink" icon in the Text Box Editor, make sure to select the option to "Open in a New Window."

Blackboard on Mobile Devices:
Want to grade on your iPad/iPhone?

While the Blackboard Mobile App has proven very useful for students, some Instructor functions are not included. If you've used a mobile browser (Safari or Chrome) to access Blackboard, you may have noticed that some grading functions are missing. If you are accessing Blackboard through the browser on an iPad or iPhone, you CAN get full functionality on the Grade Center. Go to the Full Grade Center > click on the down arrow next to the page title "Full Grade Center" > Select "Turn Screen Reader Mode on" (image below).  Screen Reader Mode
This will open a mobile-friendly version of the Grade Center, which will allow you to enter grades, grade exams, assignments, etc. on your mobile device!

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The Online Learning Link is a publication by the Chabot College Online Learning Staff

Minta Winsor, Distance Education Coordinator
Lisa Ulibarri, Instructional Designer/Developer


View previous editions of the Online Learning Link at  http://www.chabotcollege.edu/OnlineTeaching/newsletter/default_conv.asp

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