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Request Summer and Fall Sites
As you are finishing up with the Spring term, don't forget that you can request your summer and/or fall Blackboard sites at any time. To request Blackboard sites, simply log into CLASS-Web, click on the Menu for Faculty Staff & Advisors, scroll down to the Blackboard Course Site Request link, and get started by selecting the semester and campus. Detailed instructions are listed at http://www.chabotcollege.edu/OnlineTeaching/Blackboard/RequestSite/ .

Once your
course sites have been setup and are available to you within Blackboard, you can use the Course Copy tool to copy over your content from a previous site (
view steps on how to use the Course Copy tool). This can be done at any point after sites are in Blackboard, but we recommend that you do it early and only one time (to avoid repeated items).

Summer Sun  Reminder:  Blackboard Upgrade!
Our Blackboard server at
https://clpccd.blackboard.com will undergo a minor upgrade in early June, after Spring grades are submitted and before Summer classes begin. The upgrade is a relatively minor one, going to a new "service pack" in the same version of Blackboard - from 9.1 SP 7 to 9.1 SP 9. For an overview of new features and enhancements visit: http://www.chabotcollege.edu/OnlineTeaching/Blackboard/upgrades/

Note: The server will be unavailable during this upgrade from 8:30pm on 6/10 to 3:30pm on 6/11 (approximately 19 hours of downtime). During this time, Blackboard will be unavailable to everyone (including support staff).

@OneUpcoming @One courses

The @One Project offers classes and webinars for California Community College Faculty and Staff. Current and future @One online courses are of minimal cost and are listed at
http://www.onefortraining.org/online-courses . @One free desktop webinars are listed at http://www.onefortraining.org/seminars and are free for anyone to "attend." Webinars also boast the added benefit of archiving, so that they can be viewed at a later time if you are unable to attend the scheduled session time.

Highlights from theCOOL:
A spotlight on the activities of the Committee On Online Learning.
After four years (a new COOL record!) of chairing the Committee On Online Learning, Ramona Silver passed the reins over to the new co-chairs of the committee: Wanda Wong and Minta Winsor. The committee thanked Ramona for her dedication to the online students and faculty over the years. Wanda and Minta are long-time members of the committee, are very familiar with the needs of online students and faculty, and are looking forward to leading the committee in the coming year.
And if you are looking to teach online in Spring 2014, Summer is a great time to get started on the Online/Hybrid Course Approval Process due in Fall. Online/Hybrid course proposals are due on Monday, September 9, 2013 so it is important to get started early.

The first step is to view the Online Course Consultation at
http://www.chabotcollege.edu/OnlineTeaching/Online_Course_Consultation/ . An overview of the entire process can be found at http://www.chabotcollege.edu/cool/process/ .

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Volume 10, May 2013

Bb LogoBlackboard Tips

End of the Semester To-do list:

1) Create a new Grade Center column to post final grades:

If you'd like to post your students' final letter grade, in addition to the Total or Weighted Total column, you can add a new Grade Center column:
Start by going to the Full Grade Center. From within the action bar, click on Create Column. The next page will open up the column information form where you can provide a Column Name (such as Course Grade), as well as designate to have the grades display as a Letter Grade or Text (which would allow you to enter an "I" for Incomplete if needed). Be sure to make this column worth "0" points and do not include it in Grade Center calculations. Once you've set the other settings as appropriate, click Submit. The new column will be at the end of your Grade Center.
2) Download a copy of your Grade Center:

It is important to retain a copy of your Grade Center. We recommend doing this a few times throughout the semester so that you can have a record of students' grades, even if they've dropped.
To download a copy of your Grade Center into Excel, go to the Grade Center (Full Grade Center) and in the top, right corner, click on "Work Offline" and select "Download." On the next page, leave the options to their defaults and click Submit. You will be prompted that the data has been saved. You can then click the "Download" button to choose to Open the file (in Excel) or Save the file.
3) Make your Blackboard site unavailable to students:

After grades are submitted and students no longer need access to your Blackboard site, you may choose to make your site unavailable to students. Students may appreciate this as it minimizes confusion with current Blackboard sites listed in their accounts.
To make your Blackboard site unavailable to students:
- Go to the Control Panel area
- Select Customization
- Click Properties
- Under the Availability option: select No
- Click Submit
You will now see (unavailable) next to the course name in your list of courses.

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The Online Learning Link is a publication by the Chabot College Online Learning Staff

Minta Winsor, Distance Education Coordinator; Blackboard System Administrator
Lisa Ulibarri, Instructional Designer/Developer; Blackboard System Administrator


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