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The Online Learning Link
A publication for Faculty about Online Learning at Chabot College

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Request Spring 2013 Bb Sites
You can now request Blackboard sites for your Spring 2013 courses! Just as in previous semesters, simply log into CLASS-Web, click on the Menu for Faculty Staff & Advisors, scroll down to the Blackboard Course Site Request link, and get started by selecting the semester and campus. Blackboard sites will be available in your Blackboard account within 24 hours of request (weekends excepted). Fully illustrated instructions are listed at the following link: /OnlineTeaching/Blackboard/RequestSite/

Copying over content? How to copy content from one Blackboard site to another.

New to Blackboard? How to get started with using Blackboard.

publisher iconsPlanning to use Publisher Content?
Let us know.
Planning to use publisher content within your Blackboard course site(s)?
Whether you plan to import a course cartridge or use content available from publisher building blocks such as McGraw-Hill, Cengage, Pearson, & Wiley, please be sure to let us know ASAP. Course cartridge information sent by your representative should be forwarded to our faculty support email address, bbhelp@chabotcollege.edu. If you are evaluating content but do not want to import into a live site, you can request a developmental site (and then request to have the content imported) at the following link: /OnlineTeaching/Blackboard/RequestSite/request.asp.

Still Using Scantrons?
Respondus logoHave you been looking for a quick and easy way to convert all of those test questions and Word documents into an online format? Respondus is an easy-to-use software application for creating, managing, & publishing tests & surveys directly to Blackboard. Chabot College has a campus-wide license which allows faculty to have one copy of the software installed on their office computer, and another on their personal computer. Typically, faculty can convert and publish a single test to Blackboard is less than one hour - complete start-to-finish directions are provided! Get started at the following link: /OnlineTeaching/Respondus/instructions/index.asp.
Already using Respondus? You may simply need the new installation password: /OnlineTeaching/Respondus/download/#NewInstallationPassword.

Learn How to Make Your "Welcome to Class" Video

Limage of person on tvooking for a simple way to record an introductory video of yourself for your students? How about brief recording of you explaining a difficult concept? Without downloading a single piece of software, you can use your webcam to record your own video right to YouTube. Once you have created your recording, you can use YouTube's fully functional, built-in video editor to arrange your clips, add clips, titles, and music. Add captions and publish using select privacy settings. @ONE presenter/instructor Donna Eyestone shows you how it's done. View the archive of the @ONE webinar at the following link (click on "Click Here to View Seminar"): http://www.onefortraining.org/webinars/12fa/youtube.
Highlights from theCOOL:
A spotlight on the activities of the Committee On Online Learning.

screenshot of Apple's iBooks AuthorDuring the October 30th Flex Day, several members of the Committee On Online Learning (COOL) collaboratively presented a workshop titled "Online & Blended Learning Beyond Infinity." As part of the workshop, COOL chair Ramona Silver presented a variety of technology tools, many available online and/or as an app, which can be used to help promote engagement in the online learning environment. Just one of the apps presented included Apple's iBooks Author, which allows instructors to create multi-touch books using an iPad. Using templates, instructors can quickly & easily create visually-enhanced interactive books and documents to present course concepts and keep learners engaged. Students can then view the books on an iPad or as a PDF file in Adobe Reader. Additional apps presented by Ramona included Templates for Pages Pro (pre-designed and elegant templates), Class Apps (schedule/calendar), All Here! (attendance app), Pick Me (randomly pick students), and Grade It (calculate percentages for any assessment).

More highlights from this very COOL Flex Day session to come!
Volume 7, November 2012

Bb LogoBlackboard Tips

Quick Start Guide to using a  SafeAssignment to prevent plagiarism:

1) Sync the course with SafeAssign (once per semester):

-In the Control Panel area, select Course Tools.
- Click SafeAssign.
- On the SafeAssign screen, click SafeAssignments.
- On the SafeAssignments screen, click the Synchronize this Course button on the far right. This will establish the link between the SafeAssignment and the Central SafeAssign server.
- You will see a notice: Please wait. This course is being synchronized with SafeAssign. The page will load as soon as the synchronization is over.
- You will be brought back to the SafeAssignments screen and can go into a content area.

2) Create a SafeAssignment:

- Open the Content Area where you'd like the SafeAssignment to be located (such as Course Materials)
- Mouse Over the Create Assessment button in the top menu bar
- Select SafeAssignment.
- Complete the Assignment Information, Name, Points Possible, Instructions, Availability, Availability Dates, etc.
- Draft - Provides a Plagiarism Report, without submitting the file to the institutional database.
- Urgent Checking - Sets papers to a high priority in the queue.
- Student Viewable - Determines whether or not students can see the plagiarism report generated when their papers are submitted.
- Optional Announcement - Only complete this information if you want SafeAssign to automatically include an Announcement on your Announcements page at the point of creating the SafeAssignment.
- Click Submit.

3) How to Retrieve/Grade  SafeAssignment Submissions:

- Go to the Control Panel area and click on Grade Center.
- In the Grade Center, you will see columns for each of your SafeAssignments. If a student has submitted the SafeAssignment, you will see a green icon with a "!" (exclamation point) indicating that the item needs grading.
- To grade that student's submission, click on the double-arrow/drop-down in the cell next to the "!" icon.
- Select View Grade Details.
- This will open up a page containing the student's submission information.
- Click View User Activity to open the page containing the submitted file.
- You can open or download the file by clicking on green "downward arrow" icon in the File column.
- You can view the SafeAssign Report by clicking on the green SafeAssign Icon (it looks like a document with a checkmark on it).
- On this same Modify Grade page, you can enter comments, a score, and upload a file to return to the student.

*Steps for Students*                   How to Submit a SafeAssignment:
(Copy/paste these simple steps within your site)

- Login to Blackboard, click into to your class site to locate the SafeAssignment.
- Once you have located the SafeAssignment, click on the View/Complete link under the SafeAssignment name and description.
- The next page will show you the Assignment Information.
- Enter any necessary comments concerning the file/assignment being submitted.
- Click the Browse button to select your file from the proper location on your computer.
- Click Ok to Attach the file.
- Back in Blackboard, click the check box next to "I agree to submit my paper to the Global Reference Database."
- Click the Submit button to upload the file and submit the SafeAssignment.

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A publication by the Chabot College Online Learning Staff

Minta Winsor, Distance Education Coordinator; Blackboard System Administrator
Lisa Ulibarri, Instructional Designer/Developer; Blackboard System Administrator

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