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Alternate Path to Calculus

The Alternate Path to Calculus is a program that allows students to complete 8 units of mathematics courses (Math 36 and Math 20) in a single semester. The mathematics courses can be taken with either a single 4 or 5 unit science class or up to two 3 unit courses for a maximum course load of 14 units.

The typical sequence of courses for students going to Math 1 (Calculus 1) is shown below. Each of the courses are 5 units and Math 37 covers both geometry and trigonometry.

Math 55 → Math 37 → Math 20 → Math 1 (total of 20 units)

In the Alternate Path to Calculus (shown below), students will take Math 36 (which is a 3 unit course and covers only trigonometry) in place of Math 37. To qualify for this program, students must have taken a high school geometry course that meets the geometry requirement in the UC a-g list and submit their high school transcripts for verification.

Math 55 → Math 36 → Math 20 → Math 1 (total of 18 units)

This is a challenging semester where students will take Math 36 during the first six weeks of the semester and Math 20 during the last 10 weeks of the semester. Each math class meets four days per week and moves at the approximate pace of a summer course.  To be successful, students will also need to devote time to the courses outside of the classroom on a daily basis. The other course(s) taken in combination with the math courses would be in the traditional 17.5 week format. Learning assistants will work with students in each of the math courses and tutoring will be available.

To Apply to the Program, please go to the link:  https://goo.gl/forms/frofPOJsC05mHETz2

If you want additional information, please contact Erin Kelly at ekelly@chabotcollege.edu

High School

Completion with C or Higher to Meet Geometry Requirement for the Alternate Path Program (All possible Transcript Abbreviations shown)

Arroyo High School

Geometry, Geometry TC

Castro Valley High School

Geometry, Integrated Math 2, EL Integ Math 2, Integ Math 2

Hayward High School

Geometry P

James Logan High School


Mt. Eden High School

Geometry P, Geometry 9 P, GEOMETRY P

San Leandro High School

Geometry, Geometry CP, Geometry 9, Geometry A, Geometry B

San Lorenzo High School



For other high schools, please go to https://hs-articulation.ucop.edu/agcourselist#/list/search/institution to check for specific approved c

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