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Many faculty at Chabot have incorporated service-learning projects into their classes, and some do so on a regular basis.  The links and resources below are for any Chabot faculty interested in providing service-learning opportunities for their students. 

All participating faculty, and in particular those interested in utilizing service-learning for the first time, should carefully consult the documents below, as well as the bibliography of resources and its links, for information on effective practices and risk management.  Program coordination for service-learning is no longer funded by the college (as of 2009-10), but if you want help from experienced colleagues, you are welcome to contact Clara McLean at 723-7429 or Stephanie Zappa at 723-6826.

Quality partnerships and projects, orientation, reflection, recognition, and health and safety issues are key components of effective service-learning.

Below is downloadable information on how to incorporate service-learning into your classes, as well as forms to help you and your students through the process.  These are all Word documents; if you are asked for a login, just hit "cancel" to get past it.

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