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How Does Service-Learning Work?

 There are two ways to participate in service-learning at Chabot:

1. Enroll in Service-Learning 85, Learning in Action (SERV 85):

This is a 2-3 unit course, transferable to CSU, that specializes in service- learning. Students select community service projects in local organizations or schools, and contribute three hours per week (or more if they desire additional credit) throughout the semester.  Some community service projects are provided by the instructor; students may also pursue a project of their own choosing. Class meets one hour per week for training, discussion, and reflection.

Fall 2010:

Service-Learning 85 (SERV 85)

Tuesdays 2:00-2:50 PM in Room 1729

Instructor: S. Zappa      CRN 21640

CSU transferable!

Learn more about Service-Learning 85 by contacting:

 Stephanie Zappa (723-6826) szappa@chabotcollege.edu


2. Take a regular course with a service-learning component.

Each semester, some instructors offer a service-learning component of their regular courses. Students typically perform a total of 10-15 hours of service at community sites relevant to the topics of the course, either instead of a course assignment or for extra credit. Most participating instructors offer service-learning as an option that students can choose, rather than a required element of the course.

For example, a Math instructor might offer their students the option of  helping children with math homework in a public school or an after-school program; a Psychology-Counseling instructor might offer their students the option of contributing hours in a variety of social service agencies.  Click on "sample service-learning projects" for some service-learning projects that different instructors across the disciplines have offered.

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