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What Students Say about their Service-Learning Experience:

"The community activity brought our classroom subject to life.  It placed the topics into real-life situations.   It was no longer just something we read about."

"In class, we were learning about social issues, like how advertisements manipulate how girls view themselves.  At Girls, Inc., we were helping young girls deal with these same issues."

"I felt that I was able to help and be a part of something."

"One of the most important things I learned about myself was how good it makes you feel working with kids and teaching them something that will help them better themselves."

"Being a teenager, I don't think of myself as a large part of the community.  However, this project proved to me that even one person can contribute to other people's happiness."

"Now I have a better understanding of the social and economic issues that fall in the laps of many American families."

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