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The Chabot College CalWORKs Program welcomes YOU!

As a new CalWORKs student at our college, you will need to begin the Intake Process with our Counselor Assistant, Emily Chan.  Intake is a two appointment process, the 1st with Emily, and the 2nd with a CalWORK's Counselor.


Do you qualify for CalWORKs?

If you are a new/first-time college student, you should complete the steps on Future Students Link before making an appointment with a CalWORK’s staff.

Apply for CalWORKs. Let us help you reach your goal. Here are the steps to get started:

 1. As a new CalWORKs student, you will need to fill out an Application.  Once it has been approved, you must set up an appointment with a CalWORKs counselor. 

2. Schedule an appointment at the front desk in Building 700, or call 723-6909 to set up an appointment. 

Once you have an appointment with a counselor, these four documents will be filled out, required by your Alameda County Employment Counselor:

1.  Verification of Education or Training Program

2.  Student Educational Plan (SEP)*

3.  Child Care Needs Schedule

4.  Homework/Study Time Statement

*If you have previous college credit, you must provide a copy of all transcripts of any previous college work to the counselor at the time of this meeting!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most Employment Counselors will not approve your child care, transportation, and books & supplies monies until these two intake appointments are completed!


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