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  • Coordinate the Professional Development activities of the college.
  • Distribute Professional Development funds following established criteria.
  • Plan, implement and evaluate the college's flex day programs.
  • Assist and support College planning process as needed or requested.

2016-17 Flex Day Workshops & Presentations

If you are interested in holding a workshop or presentation for one of the upcoming Flex Days (Sep.6th, 2016 and Feb.21st, 2017), please use the link below to submit your request. This will help us assess your needs and develop the schedule for the day. Thank you!

Flex Day Presentation Submission form

Variable Flex 2016-17

In addition to Flex Days, each full time faculty member is required by contract (this year) to complete 6 hours of variable flex activity. Generally, flex activities must be designed to improve your work as a Faculty member, or to improve your contribution to the college. Per Article 29B.b, professional development activities may include:

  • staff development,
  • in-service training,
  • instructional improvement,
  • program and course curriculum or learning resource development and evaluation,
  • student personnel services,
  • learning resource services,
  • professional development related to:
    • student advising,
    • guidance,
    • orientation,
    • matriculation services,
    • activities to promote student, faculty or staff diversity,
    • departmental or division activities,
    • conferences or workshops,
    • institutional research,
    • course instruction or evaluation, or
    • activities that support any of these
  • Additionally, a Faculty member may complete Variable Flex Day responsibilities by attending a class on either campus during his/her non-duty times with prior consent of the instructor of record.

Please see below for variable flex forms:

Core Representatives


  • Dr. Marcia Corcoran, Dean / Language Arts
  • Katrin Field, Assessment Specialist / Assessment Center
  • Ken Grace, Faculty / Health, Kinesiology, & Athletics
  • Rachael Tupper-Eoff, Sr. Administrative Assistant / Learning Connection


  • Aubrie Ross, Sr. Administrative Assistant / Office of Development & the Foundation


  • Dr. Stacy Thompson, Vice President, Academic Services
  • Vanessa Cormier, Manager, Children's Center
  • Kathryn Linzmeyer, Director of Financial Aid

MEMBERS - to be updated for 2016/17

  • Sheila Mayorga, SSCC Representative
  • Parfait Mwamba, SSCC Representative
  • Catherine Powell, Administrative Assistant / Arts, Humanities & Social Science
  • TJ Puckett, English Faculty (FT)
  • Barbara Worthington, English Faculty (FT)
  • Cynthia Stubblebine, Math Faculty (FT)

Meeting Dates

Meeting Dates: First and third Thursday, 2:00 - 3:00 pm in Room 134

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    Phone: (510) 723-6600 | Last updated on 3/16/2017