Staff Development


October 10, 2002

Present: Scott Hildreth, Carol Baumann, Gloria Meads, Gail Johnson-Murphy, Greg Rees, Irene Plunkett, Minta Peterson, Denise Noldon, Michelle Sherry, Kip Waldo, Debbie Budd, Arlene DeLeon (chair)

The September minutes were approved. They are to be distributed to the president, both vice-presidents, and the dean of technology and information.

Michael Gunter, Norman Buchwald, and Noel Benkman each had his conference request approved for TTIP funds in the amount of $500. (See discussion below.) We will invite Michael and Noel to report back to the college as a whole about the CVC conference at a college hour to be determined.

Kip, Carol, and Irene reported on a meeting with Dr. Carlson in which he informed us that the Staff Development committee will be responsible for disbursing $22,500 of college conference money. This was a follow-up to the arrangement voted on after Dr. Carlson visited the committee last spring.

After a lengthy discussion, the committee decided to divide the funds into two amounts: $9,000 for fall conferences, and $11,000 for spring conferences. The amounts are reduced from last year, given the smaller amount of money: $300. per person, $400. if the person requesting funds is an organizer or presenter. In general, Staff Development will no longer be able to fund large groups to attend the same conference. In order to meet the needs of smaller groups, however, the committee will allocate a maximum of $1500. for multiple requests for the same conference.

Regarding TTIP funds, the committee decided that the maximum of $500. would be kept. However, these funds can not be used with the regular, college staff development funds.

A long discussion around the continued funding of part-time faculty training funding requests did not result in a policy. The discussion will be taken up again in November.

The tuition reimbursement program will not be reinstituted.

The committee voted unanimously to authorize the funds for joining 4C/SD and that we would see whether this membership could come out of district funds.

Carol distributed a handout summarizing the feedback about Healing Journeys from the many segments of the community who supported the conference.

NEXT MEETING: THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1:30 3 p.m. Humanities Conference Room