Staff Development


November 12, 2002

Members present: Carol Baumann, Debbie Budd, Gloria Meads, Mary Mino, Judy Young, Greg Rees, Minta Peterson, Arlene DeLeon (chair), Kip Waldo, Michelle Sherry, Rosie Mogle, Irene Plunkett

Guests: Catherine Powell, Francisco Zermeno

I. Healthy College – Debbie Budd, Carol Baumann, and Catherine Powell reviewed the most current work from IPBC documents with special attention to Theme B – Healthy College. The committee looked over the documents and discussed the usefulness of defining what a healthy college is; the group also emphasized that the consideration of “college climate” should be included in the on-going discussions. Carol Baumann was directed to write a statement to take back to the IPBC reflecting the values that a healthy college climate includes.

II. The October 24 minutes were approved.

III. Francisco Zermeno made a brief presentation to ask for support for Chabot College's First Annual “Return of the Swallows Festival” scheduled for Tuesday, April 8, 2003. He passed out a sample program for they day, highlighting plans for exhibits, booths, poetry, and songs. The event will take place at the college with the support of various community groups and will host students from area preschools. The committee voted to support this effort, and to provide funds for printing costs.

IV. Conference proposals:

American Anthropological Assn. Annual Meeting – Kip Waldo – $400. (presenter) – approved

American Football Coaches Association Convention – David Terry - $300.


2002 Las Vegas Coaches Show – Dana Cano - $300. Approved

American Historical Assn. Annual Meeting – Helena Sanfilippo = $300 Approved

V. The committee discussed the issue of on-campus part-time training, a program

which we had piloted over the past two years. The group decided to recommend that it be continued, but institutionalized either through the president's or vice-president's office.