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TECH PREP and Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathways  

Information for Students and Parents

How do I become an articulated student?

  1. Locate programs at your school that have existing articulation agreements with Chabot Community College.  Click here for links to programs.
  2. Enroll in an articulated class and complete all requirement and earn the necessary grade to achieve articulated college credit.
  3. Upon graduation from your high school or R.O.P. program, transfer to Chabot College and continue course work.

After I have completed an articulated course, how do I receive credit at Chabot College for my work?

  1. Fill out the top of the student form. "Student Application for Articulated Credit"
  2. Attain required signatures from your school.
  3. Request your instructor to complete the "Student Application for Articulated Credit" form at the bottom (your class and grades). 
  4. Apply to Chabot College .  You need to apply to Chabot College during or shortly after your class at the ROP/HS.  Upon applying to Chabot you will receive a Chabot Student number (W#). You must cite your Chabot student number ("W#) on the "Student Application for Articulated Credit" form. 
  5. Ask the school to send the completed "Student Application for Articulated Credit"  Form to Chabot College.
  6. Submit completed application which includes:
    1. Student Application for Articulated Credit
    2. Transcripts, optional (sent directly to Chabot by your school)
    3. Write your Chabot student number (W#) on the Student Application for Articulated Credit form.


In order for students to receive articulated credit, the student must:  (1) meet the minimum grade specified in agreement; (2) have a Chabot College application on file during the same time the ROP/HS course is completed; and (3) submit an "Student Application for Articulated Credit" within 6 months of completing course or no more than 1 year after completing high school; (4) Each student enrolling in Chabot College shall meet the matriculation requirements in English and Mathematics held for all entering students; (5) Student transcripts will reflect grade they received from CCP and will note that the college credit was received through Credit by Examination (CBE) (minus grades are not posted on Chabot transcripts).

Please contact Susan Benz sbenz@chabotcollege.edu or 510-723-7101.

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    Phone: (510) 723-6600 | Last updated on 4/21/2017