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Welding students

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Jeremy Adams

I can't recommend the welding program at Chabot enough. There's no other place where I can learn from instructors with decades of experience, on equipment costing tens of thousands of dollars, for less than $20 a unit! I'd always been interested in welding, but never had the opportunity to take a class before coming to Chabot. With morning, evening, and Saturday classes, it was easy to find a time that fit my schedule. I love making connections between the subjects I study. Welding was a natural fit for my interests in chemistry, physics, electricity, and engineering. In chemistry class we talk about iron, aluminum, tungsten, argon, solids, liquids, gases, and plasma: in welding class we put them to use. We wield welding guns and torches that can operate at temperatures hotter than the sun's surface, that turn solid metals to molten liquids, and permanently join pieces of metal to make whatever we can imagine. Whether your interest is in art, hot rods, bicycle frames, construction, or just self-reliance, welding is an essential skill.

Warren Atwood

During the past two years I have had the opportunity to be enrolled in Welding Technology classes at Chabot College. The combination of welding theory, techniques and lab work is excellent. The weld shop is a diamond in the rough. In addition to the required welding projects, I have worked on several projects including an engine stand, shop bench and art work. I highly recommend Welding Technology to students seeking the basics of welding and to those that are planning a welding career in the field.

Sean P. Doyle

As an engineering student welding has helped me in many ways. It has aided my understanding of the characteristics and physical properties of the metals and alloys used. Welding has also helped solidify some of my knowledge in chemistry, physics, and electronics by way of practical application. The teachers, technicians, and staff of Chabot's Welding Technology Department are incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and supportive of the students and their progression, no matter what the individual's major. It has also given me the space, tools, and guidance to fabricate a single-seat off-road racer.

Mimi Dean and Val Hetherington

Mimi Dean and Val Hetherington (, aka the Trash Sistas, have been perfecting their welding skills at Chabot College for 3 years. These dumpster divin' divas can't say enough wonderful things about the program at Chabot. The Trash Sistas have learned many different types of welding and plasma cutting. Turnin' junk into funk is a Trash Sistas bylaw, and the Trash Sistas have certainly expanded their recycling and reusing capabilities by learning how to work with all kinds of freakadelic metal materials.

Chabot's welding program has been an amazing educational experience for the Trash Sistas, as these teachers by day, welders by night, enjoy working with both career oriented welders and art welders. Skills and inspiration are readily shared.

If you want to learn a useful and fun skill, the welding program is a must! Hey, you might even get to hang out with the one and only Trash Sistas!!!

Respectfully submitted by Trash Sista #1, Mimi Dean, October 2003

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