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Welcome to Chabot's Academic Policy Council website. Here you will find the current core committee representatives, meeting dates and minutes and more.



  • Make recommendations to the Academic Senate concerning college academic policies and practices affecting instruction and student services.
  • Reviews and makes recommendations to the Academic Senate in regards to clarification and application in regards to Academic and Professional matters.
  • Review, update and/or develop Board policy proposals and Administrative Standards of Procedure for Instruction and Student Services in collaboration with Las Positas College as necessary.
  • Address issues regarding Title V as related to review of current standards as well as researching and developing new/revised academic standards for the college.
  • Recommend and oversee the development of new/revised academic policies as pertaining to granting degree/certificates, evaluation of transcripts. and other related concerns.
  • Assist the Office of Academic Services with the development of the catalog and class schedules regarding academic policy.
  • Assist in the understanding, application and dissemination of Title V regulations as related to academic policy.
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    Phone: (510) 723-6600 | Last updated on 4/25/2013