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Welding is an art, revealed through acquired skills and technical knowledge. The U.S. Department of Labor includes more than 75 occupational titles that include some form of welding or welding-related activity. Basic welding skills are necessary across many industries; this applicability allows the welding workforce to swiftly respond in accommodating new emerging industry needs. It is estimated that 30,000 to 55,000 new welders are needed each year in the United States to meet the rising industrial demands. (This figure does not include jobs lost due to the retiring workforce or career changes).

Overall, the welding profession is less likely to be affected by the volatility of the economic cycle and the possibility of layoffs than other workers. A skilled welder is part electrician, metallurgist, chemist, designer, and mechanical engineer. Welders are respected for what they do and what they know. The first step in that direction is simply to take your first welding course. Seize the opportunity and enjoy the knowledge and training that will enable you to pursue a career as a welder anywhere in the world.



Career Outlook


SalaryJourneyman Welder in Bay Area
$30+ per hour


Employment growthJob Growth



From California Employment Development Department

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  • Assemblers and Fabricators

  • Pipeline Welder

  • Structural Welder

  • Pipe fitter Welder

  • Boilermaker Welder

  • Aerospace Welder



Programs Associate
Inspection and Pipe Welding
Welding Technology