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Let Us Help You Prepare for Your Visit


Chabot College - Recital Hall

25555 Hesperian Boulevard



Hayward, 94545

1200 building

INT Recital Hall

Chabot College - Reed L. Buffington Performing Arts Center (PAC)

25555 Hesperian Boulevard



Hayward, 94545

1300 building



• Parking lot G is closest to all performance venues. A parking permit is required Monday - Sunday to park on Chabot Campus. Daily parking permits can be purchased from dispensers located in parking lots for $3. Dispensers accept EXACT CHANGE in singles only, and does not give change. No coins or credit/debit cards. 



• Tickets at the door will be for sale 30 minutes before shows inside the Recital Hall, or 1 hour before shows at the PAC box office. We accept cash, debit cards, and major credit cards. Service fees apply when using debit or credit cards.

• Will-call may be picked up 30 minutes before show time

• If you've purchased tickets online, please show your mobile e-ticket at the door. 



• We do NOT allow outside food or drink inside the venues. Only bottled water.  

• Cameras, cellphones, laptops, audio & video recording devices are strictly prohibited during performances. We encourage patrons to take photos before the show and after the show. Please note that the photo policy inside venues will vary depending on the production. At a concert you shouldn’t take pictures or make a recording, and don’t even think of making a video. It is distracting to do these things, and it is usually illegal. Besides, you are there to experience the concert, not to preserve it!

•There will be no seating 15 minutes after the start of the show in the Recital Hall. Patrons arriving later than 15 minutes after show start time will not be guaranteed seating.

• Large bags such as suitcases or backpacks blocking walkways are not permitted. 



One aspect of concert manners can be a bit confusing: knowing when to clap. At most other kinds of concerts, people clap whenever the music stops, but in classical music you wait to clap until the very end of a piece. Making noise, fidgeting, or walking around can distract other listeners, and it may interfere with the musicians’ concentration. Performers can see and hear the audience! They can feel your involvement, and it inspires them to give their best.

When music is playing:

1. Be quiet. Talking, whispering, coughing, unwrapping anything, saying "shhh," rustling the program are sounds that get in the way.

2. Stay put. It is disruptive to walk around, entering or leaving during a piece. 

3. Don't clap until the whole piece is over. Classical musicians don’t usually make clear what they expect of the audience. In other kinds of music, the audience claps whenever there’s an ending—if the music stops, people applaud. But in classical music, one piece may have several parts, each with its own ending. You are supposed to wait to the very end of the very last ending before you clap. When in doubt, simply wait until lots of other people are clapping.

Sometimes you get so carried away by the music that you really want to clap. Sometimes you’re so enthusiastic after a section ends that you’ve just got to clap for the musicians. Don’t do it. The audience may applaud the lights dimming, the curtain opening, the first appearance of a major star, an impressive dance move, a lovely song, or a beautifully designed backdrop.

What about Children?

Concerts are not for everyone. Babies and little children, for instance, can’t be expected to follow the rules at a concert. Leave them at home until they are old enough. Use good judgment and consideration about whom you bring.



We understand that items may be left behind. We make every effort to reunite lost items with their owners. Please note that given our performance schedule, it may take 72 hours for us to check and respond. If you feel you have lost an item at the Recital Hall or PAC, email and provide the following information:

• Name and your contact information including telephone number and email

• Date & time of performance

• Your seating location

• Detailed description of your item




 For more information on how to enjoy a live performance, visit NAXOS Music Group for a guide to enhance your live music experience!