WRAC Center - Tutoring for Writing and Reading

Welcome to the WRAC Center!

The WRAC Center offers free drop-in tutoring for Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum - which means that we can help with writing or reading for any Chabot class. 

On campus, the WRAC Center is located in building 100, room 192 (inside the Learning Connection) and offers a drop-in center for tutoring, an open computer lab, as well as a comfortable study and hang out space for students. We also offer online tutoring for your convenience. Students are welcome to utlize both on-campus and online services as they choose. 

The WRAC Center is here to help! 

WRAC Center Drop-In Tutoring

The WRAC Center offers FREE on-campus and online drop-in tutoring for writing and reading for any Chabot class.

No appointment is necessary - just drop in when you need help!

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WRAC Center Tutoring by Appointment

The WRAC Center offers FREE on-campus and online tutoring by appointment for writing and reading for any Chabot class.

See the link below for information on how to make a tutoring appointment. Appointment tutoring is available during the Fall and Spring Semesters only.

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ESL Tutoring and Support

If English isn't your first language, you may be interested in getting ESL Tutoring, attending the ESL Writing Workshop or joining an ESL movie group. 
ESL tutoring and support can help second language learners with any writing and reading assignments for any Chabot course. 
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Building & room Room 192 - Building 100, located inside the Learning Connection (Room 108).

Hours Learning Connection
Summer Front Desk:

  • Mon. - Thurs. 9:00am - 7:00pm

510.723.6920 (call) OR 510.397.8047 (text)


Lisa Ulibarri
WRAC Center Coordinator