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A Certificate of Achievement is designed to offer the student an opportunity to develop skills in a specific technical and/or vocational field. A Certificate of Achievement is awarded to students who have successfully completed specifically approved major courses, with a grade-point average of 2.00.

A Certificate or Certificate of Proficiency is designed to augment other degrees or occupational areas by targeting a very specific series of courses in the academic, vocational and/ or technical field. A Certificate or Certificate of Proficiency is awarded to those students who have completed a minimum of 10 semester units of specifically approved courses, with a grade-point average of 2.0 or better.

Students may develop an Individual Occupational Major, by working out the program with a counselor, for approval by the Division Dean of the Occupational Major and the Dean of Counseling.

Students earning a certificate, A.S., or A.A. degree in an Occupational/Technical area must complete a minimum of 12 units in residency at Chabot College within the degree major or certificate program. Students in articulated degree/transfer or Liberal Studies programs will need a total of 12 units of residency at Chabot College in general education, major, or elective courses.

Grades earned in non-degree-applicable courses (numbered 100-299) will not be used when calculating a student's degree applicable grade point average. No courses below the English lA requirement are degree applicable.

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