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Registration Transactions Requiring Special Approval


Many courses offered by the College require the completion of prerequisite courses taken at Chabot College, or their equivalent at another accredited institution. Students are advised to consult the course descriptions found in the current College Catalog for the identification of the prerequisites for a course. Courses with prerequisites are also designated in the current class schedule. Contact the Counseling Center at (510)723-7013 for more information.

Course Conflict/Course Overlap

Students may not enroll in two classes that meet during any part of the same hour.

Limitation on Unit Load - Excess Units

Eighteen units per semester is considered to be a maximum load for a student. In order to take more than the maximum, approval must be obtained from a counselor. Visit the counseling center in Building 700 to obtain approval for excess units.

Academic Probation - Academic Success Contracts

Academic Success Contracts are designed for students who are experiencing sustained academic difficulties. Students are required to meet with a counselor to review their progress, to discuss any problems that might interfere with their studies and to develop effective strategies to strengthen their academic progress. A probationary contract is required each semester a student is on Academic Probation before being cleared for registration. Visit the counseling center to schedule an appointment to complete an Academic Success Contract.

Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal

Students may withdraw from a class with extenuating circumstances after the Withdrawal deadline. An Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal Petition, available through Counseling, along with supporting documentation must be filed by the student with the instructor who will approve and verify that the class is being passed with a minimum grade of D. If approved, the petition is forwarded to the Dean of Counseling for final approval. Circumstances that will be considered are acute medical problems, acute personal or family problems, employment-related problems, or other similar circumstances preventing a student from completing the class.

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