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Mass Communications Department

Journalism Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree

The Mass Communications Studies: Journalism courses at Chabot College offer degree preparation with exciting hands-on media training for students interested in journalism or other mass communication career options. Our courses are not just for reporters, however! Courses such as Journalism News writing, Introduction to Mass Communication, Newspaper Production, Photojournalism and newspaper and magazine feature writing, prepare students to become strong researchers, information gatherers, vital communicators and advocates needed today in industries such as journalism, reporting, news production, advertising, media relations, public information and other forms of mass communications. These skills will also help people in numerous other careers that require public interaction, information gathering and research.

Chabot College students work with qualified instructors in hands-on learning environments that promote advanced development of research, writing, leadership, oral and written communication skills. Students also develop important technical skills in industry software and learn vital production processes while building social skills.

Career Opportunities in Mass Communications

Journalists, News reporters, Sports reporters, News editors, Copy editors, Designers, Multimedia reporters, Photojournalists, Public information officers, Public Relations practitioners, Advertising.

Program-Level Outcomes
  1. Apply knowledge and understanding of the Internet, including various databases in order to independently conduct the research they need to produce credible and well constructed content for publication.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of a broad range of equipment, software, trends, changes and tools needed to be successful in the journalism field.
  3. Demonstrate critical understanding of journalism practices, including facts, standards, conventions, and principles, including critical understanding of internal and external forces affecting their operation.

Required Core (9 Units)
Course Description Units
Mass Communications 20 Journalism: Newswriting and Information Gathering 3
Mass Communications 21 Newspaper Production I 3
Mass Communications 41 Introduction to Mass Communications 3

List A (select one - 3 units)
Course Description Units
Mass Communications 22 Newspaper Production II 3
Mass Communications 26 Beginning Photojournalism 3

List B (select two - 6 units)
Course Description Units
Communication Studies 50 Introduction to Communication Studies 3
Communication Studies 46 Argumentation and Debate 3
Economics 1 Principles of Microeconomics 3
Economics 2 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
English 7 Critical Thinking and Writing across Disciplines 3
Mathematics 43 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 4
Photography 50 Introduction to Photography 3
Political Science 1 Introduction to American Government 3
Political Science 20 Comparative Politics 3

General Education Courses
Required units for the major: 18
CSU GE or IGETC (CSU) requirements: 37-39 units
(Possible Double-counting: 18 units)
CSU Transfer Electives as needed to reach 60 CSU transferable units
Minimum units to transfer: 60
All courses making up the minimum must be transferable to CSU, and a minimum GPA of 2.0 must be maintained.
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