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Mass Communications Department

Mass Communications Associate in Arts Degree

In pursuing this degree, students will gain knowledge and hands-on experience in radio, television, and print journalism. They will be able to transfer to a university program using their knowledge and experience or seek job entry in one of the media fields.

Career Opportunities in Mass Communications

Media professional, journalist, advertising, public relations, media researcher, broadcast, reporter, editor, Copyeditor, public information officer, radio/TV professional, media developer.

Program-Level Outcomes
  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the history, processes, and instruction of a variety of media, including the ability to exercise critical judgment in the evaluation of media productions.
  2. Demonstrate through projects that with the power of a communicator comes more and ethical responsibility.

Year One
Course Description Units
Mass Communications 40 Introduction to Broadcasting 3
Mass Communications 41 Introduction to Mass Communications 3
Mass Communications 20 Journalism: Newswriting and Information Gathering 3
Mass Communications 25 Magazine and Newspaper Feature Writing 3
Mass Communications 42 Writing for Broadcasting 3
Photography 50 Introduction to Photography 3

Year Two
Course Description Units
Mass Communications 21 Newspaper Production I 3
Business 34 Introduction to Advertising 3
Mass Communications 60 Television Studio Techniques 3
Mass Communications 43 Advertising Sales & Media Management 4
Mass Communications 44 Radio & Television Announcing 3
Mass Communications 61 TV Studio Techniques II 3
Mass Communications Option* 3
For specific General Education courses refer to catalog section on Graduation Requirements.
Total minimum units required: 40
*Any course in Mass Communications.
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