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Budget Development

  • Adopted Budget (PDF file)
  • An in-depth review and evaluation of Budget Development is scheduled for Spring 2016

The College budget is developed annually by the Vice President of Administrative Services, using salaries, benefits and the Maintenance of Effort/Baseline Budget as a base. Increases in general fund allocations above the maintenance of effort/baseline budget are allocated based on the process of Program Review (PR), prioritization processes, Vice Presidents’ (Academic Services, Administrative Services, & Student Services) recommendations, and College President approval. Restricted Funds, which include Instructional Supplies, Instructional Equipment/Library Materials, and Instructional Equipment (Measure B Bond Funds) are allocated based on the process of Program Review, Budget Committee review and recommendation, College Council, and College President. Budget increases are based on requests through Program Review submitted to PRBC, a prioritized list of resource needs, committee review/recommendations and available resources. The SSSP and Equity committees allocate SSSP and Equity monies. The Basic Skills committee allocates funding for basic skills initiatives.

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