Health and Biosciences (HBS) Pathways

Health and Biosciences (H/BS) Pathways

The Health Science and Medical Technology Sector is one of the fastest growing career sectors; encompassing careers in health care, biotechnology, informatics, public health, health education, community wellness, and management. When viewed holistically, the careers in this field are complimentary: they all focus on providing for personal health and a healthy lifestyle. We call this a healthy community because it is not restricted to treating health problems, but also strives to prevent illness through stimulating physical and mental activities and by providing knowledge of healthy lifestyles and environments.

Workers in this field can have direct contact with community members or can provide knowledge and support through technological, informational, or managerial fields. Workers in this field need the knowledge and ability to contribute to the delivery of safe and effective health care. Because of the wide range of careers, the field provides opportunities ranging from entry level (high school education with on the job training or a certificate for technical training) through professional level (specialized graduate level training), with many possibilities for career advancement. Jobs in this field also require a wide variety of technical, interpersonal, and analytical skills at all career levels.

Students commonly need the academic background required for entry into postsecondary education at the bachelor’s level, but some technical certificates and associate’s degrees can be obtained by anyone with a high school diploma and an interest in the field. Specific academic courses of study usually include chemistry, math, and biology plus skill development in communication, problem solving, and critical thinking. Many careers require state certification or credentials.