Information Communication Technology/Digital Media (ICT/DM) Pathways

Information Communication Technology and Digital Media (ICT/DM) Pathways


Computer Application Systems

A degree and certificate program that offers affordable, flexible training that will help you land the job or promotion you are looking for. We emphasize hands-on computer learning and experience.

Become a Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) by training in courses that prepare students to take the Microsoft Certification Application Specialists (MCAS) exam. A globally recognized standard of proficiency with the Microsoft Office suite of business productivity applications.

The CAS programs also provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable computer experience, or update their skills for immediate employment. Earn your Associate of Science degree as an Administrative Assistant or Software Specialist.

Digital Media

The Digital Media (DIGM) program at Chabot College provides students with a certificate of completion. The program provides students with Photoshop, Illustrator, web building, video editing and graphic design skills. In addition, students will acquire critical thinking and problem-solving skills while exercising their imagination process.