Law and Public Services (LPS) Pathways

Law and Public Services (L/PS) Pathways


Administration of Justice

Chabot College offers a comprehensive Administration of Justice Program with both Associate in Arts (AA) AND Associate in Science (AS-T) degrees. Our program attracts a diverse group of students seeking to transfer, careers in the criminal justice field, careers in the legal profession (pre-law) or students with a general interest in criminal justice. Our program serves the diverse educational goals and objectives of these students.

The Associate in Science for Transfer Degree (AS-T) is specifically designed to prepare students to transfer to a California State University offering a major in Administration of Justice/Criminal Justice. The two-year program combines instruction in aspects of the criminal justice system related to law enforcement, criminal law and procedure, evidence, criminal investigation and forensics, and general education courses required for graduation and transfer. Students completing the AS-T degree receive priority admission to the California State University.


Fire Technology

The Fire Technology (FT) program at Chabot College is a two-year diploma program for students interested in pursuing a career in fire protection, mainly for the inspection of industrial, commercial, and institutional properties, environmental safety and accident prevention. Upon completing the program pre-service students qualify for the State Firefighter-1 Certification.