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How does being part of a Career Pathway at Chabot College help you graduate faster?

Career Technical Education Short term certificates can offer students a critical boost in earnings in the near term, but it is only through ultimately pursuing long-term certificates, associate degrees, and bachelor’s degrees aligned with the job market that students will have the opportunity to advance up the career ladder and earn better wages.

Pathway courses and Certificates are often transferable to four-year colleges. Students who complete even a single college class are more likely to graduate from high school, attend college, persist in college, and complete an Associate’s degree or higher.

  • Dual Enrollment allows students who are still in high school to take college-level courses and accelerate their educational achievement. Dual enrolled students earn credit towards high school graduation, while at the same time earning college credits. Most Dual Enrollment courses are conveniently offered on the high school campus (unless otherwise noted).
  • Registration fees, tuition and lab fees are waived for Dual Enrollment students. All services available to regular college students, such as use of the Library and Tutoring Center are also available to dual enrolled students.
  • Career Technical Education (CTE) Articulated courses taken at your high school, may count for college credit. For example, if you have taken auto technology, business, and/or computer programming classes, you may be eligible for advanced placement and college credit in one of Chabot College’s Career Pathways programs!

High schools with Articulated Courses accepted at Chabot College:

  • Arroyo High School
  • Castro Valley High School
  • Eden Area ROP
  • Hayward High School
  • Livermore High School
  • Mission Valley ROP
  • Mount Eden High School
  • San Leandro High School
  • San Lorenzo High School
  • Solano County ROP
  • Tennyson High School
  • Tri-Valley ROP

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What are the additional benefits of joining a Career Pathway at Chabot College?

  • As part of a Career Pathway at Chabot College you become part of a community of students in your specific area of interest. These communities, or cohorts, work as a support system that you can lean on to succeed academically. It has been shown students who enter college as strong cohorts graduate faster.
  • Career pathways help students meet industry requirements for certifications.
  • Career pathways help students know what kind of education they should get.
  • Career pathways help students understand and prepare for entry into the work world.
  • Career pathways keep students interested in what they’re learning in school.
  • Money savings. Students who graduate sooner from a career pathway often save time and money by only enrolling in classes specific to their field.
  • You will be prepared to enter a competitive workforce with technical skills for high demand jobs.
  • Those working in Career Pathway related jobs earn a higher income.
  • Easier transfers to four-year universities.
  • Earn valuable career certifications that allow you to enter the workforce in your field. Examples include:
    • Emergency Medical Technician
    • Welding
    • Digital Design
  • Engage in career related Work-based learning opportunities (WBL)
    • Internships
    • Guest Speakers
    • Hands-on experience