Classes Cancelled and College Offices Closed

Classes are being cancelled effective immediately due to poor regional air quality. All college and district offices are closed today, November 11, except for LPC Middle College, and essential operations such as security/police and critical IT operations.

Air quality will be monitored and decisions on any further action, including the status for Friday, November 16, 2018 will be forthcoming.

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Classified Resource Guide

Acronyms & Dictionary of Term

ASCC - Associated Students of Chabot College

Basic Educational Opportunity Grant

Bldg -

Board of Governors (BOG Fee waiver)

BoT -
Board of Trustees

- Calculated "A" Hour (A faculty contract term for calculating salary compensation)

California Articulation Number

CE -
Continuing education

- College Enrollment Management Committee

Cost of Living Adjustment

(CR) - 1 credit equals approximately 1 hour of time spent in a classroom per week. 3 (cr) credit class means you will meet for approx 3 hour per week in that class

Credit Hour  -  One credit hour usually represents one hour of class time per week plus two hours of out of class study.

Credit Load  - The number of credits a student registers for during a semester.

CTE - career and technical education

Elective - A course taken at the choice of the student.

FAQ’s - Frequently asked questions

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid

FERPA - Family Education Right to Privacy Act

FTE - Full time Equivalent

Full time Equivalent Faculty

Full Time Equivalent Hour

Full Time Equivalent Student

Full Time Student
- A student who enrolls for at least 12 credits during the fall or spring semester, or one credit per week of study during the summer session.

General Education Requirement
A component of a degree program that provides a broad, based education with required course work in communication skills, analytic reasoning, health and physical education, humanities and the arts, social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences, and technology.

GER - General education requirements

Gen Eds or GE - General Education Requirements

GPA - Grade point average

Grade Point The numerical value given to letter grades, based on an A receiving four points, a B three points, and so on.

Grade Point Average (GPA)
The numerical value assigned to a students scholastic average, computed by dividing the total grade points by the total credit hours attempted.

Grant - Financial assistance that does not have to be repaid

Hold - A barrier placed on a students ability to register for classes as a result of unpaid monetary obligation or other action by the university.

HR - Human Resources

IGETC - Inter-segmental General Education Transfer Curriculum

- The grade assigned only if a student is temporarily unable to complete course requirements because of unusual circumstances.

Interdisciplinary  - Drawing on two or more disciplines in a single course or program.

Major  - A planned program of study leading to a bachelor's degree. Term is often used interchangeably with degree program.

IR - Incident Report
IT - Instructional Technology

LEC - Lecture

LAB - Laboratory

MAJOR - Primary field of study while attending college/university

MINOR - Secondary field of study while at college/university. A sequence of related courses consisting of 15 or more semester hours of credit.

MIS - Management Information Services

Part time student - Student attending school with fewer than 12 credit hours

PERS - Public Employees Retirement System

Prerequisite  - Course that must be taken prior to registering for another course

Electives  - A group of courses from which a student must choose a prescribed number of credits to meet a program requirement.

Semester  - A unit of time, generally 16 weeks long, in the academic calendar.

SEIU - Service Employees International Union

Service Report - This is your time sheet

- the outline or guide that a professor gives a student on the first day of class so the student knows exactly what is required in the class and what it takes to achieve a specific grade.

TA - Teachers Assistant

TBA - To be announced

TBD - To be determined

Tenure - means the professor has achieved a level of excellence in teaching and publishing that helps to secure their continued employment

Transcript  -
A copy of a students permanent academic record.

Vocational Technical Education Act

Matriculation - to pass through and complete all requirements

Units - credits

WSCH - Weekly Student Contact Hour

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