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Bond Information

The primary purpose of this site is to address questions about the Computer and other Portions of the Bond and provide a centralized resource of facts. This should limit the second or third hand interpretation of what Chabot Computer Support is attempting to perform.

  1. Chabot Computer Support, in conjunction with the District IT, are presently upgrading the Backbone Infrastructure of Chabot College. This will enhance the reliability and accessibility of the network.
  2. The Rollout Plan that was developed by CCS and the Technology Committee shows how this list was established (criteria and procedures). This will be a continuing project over the next three to five years. Rollout List.
  3. Chabot is in the process of upgrading the phone distribution system and will be going online as facilities are remodeled or constructed.
  4. If there are anymore questions or suggestions, please contact Michael Seaton.

Thank you

Chabot Computer Support

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    Phone: (510) 723-6600 | Last updated on 4/25/2013