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Committee On Online Learning (COOL)

Agenda: Tuesday, September 20th, 2016, 12pm-1pm, room 1801

    1. Review of past minutes from 8/30; call for new agenda items

    2. Review of past proposals that need follow-up action this fall

    3. Summary of new proposal INTENT notifications received by (9/15)

    4. Establishing our Fall 2016/Spring 2017 Review schedule
    5. a.    Proposed deadline for NEW Proposals: Friday 9/30

                                             i.    Prioritize those we know will be offered in Spring 2017

                                            ii.    Identify Fast-track (experienced faculty familiar with Process)

                                           iii.    Identify 1st-time proposers needing demo sites & reviews

                                          iv.    Create review teams

    b.    Samples of Proposal & Feedback

    Directions for Posting Feedback on a Proposal (a “Comment”) on a Google Doc)

    For Demonstration: Links to Spring 2016 Proposals

    1. Continued Discussions on the OEI, Chabot's possible participation in the OEI Exchange, and evaluation of Canvas

    a.    Summary of FLEX day presentations by OEI –
    What should we do next?

    b.    DRAFT recommendation to college re: migration plan to Canvas by Summer 2018

    c.    @One classes on Canvas


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